Pursuit of Beauty

the definitions of Deb Warnat Designs

Purpose- to learn the art of calligraphy and watercolors with Birmingham, Alabama and the world!

Passion-sharing the joy to both the maker and the receiver.

Pursuit of Beauty-there is nothing more beautiful and meaningful than calligraphy and art done by hand.


23rd Nov 2016

invitation design

      photo credit:  Alisha Crossley Photography Let’s talk about your one of a kind invitation!  Pricing starting at $325.      

23rd Nov 2016

save the date

      photo credit, Alisha Crossley Photography Uniquely designed for you!  Save the dates starting at $135

23rd Nov 2016

wedding suite

      photo credit, Alisha Crossley Photography

23rd Oct 2012


28th Sep 2012

gift cards

The Perfect Gift!

28th Sep 2012

Calligraphy for Christmas

-Spirals written in Copperplate calligraphy thoughtfully placed within a clear ornament. -Original artwork tea towel. -Personalized gift bag.

28th Sep 2012

Personalized wedding album

06th Sep 2012

Formal Copperplate Envelope

04th Sep 2012

Informal envelope