Hey lover of lettering and all things beautiful!  We're kindred spirits so I know you'll love a glimpse into my part of calligraphy and art in Birmingham.  View the gallery with everything you can imagine for your wedding; invitation suite design, addressing , table signage, place cards and numbers, and mirrors.   Classes are such a unique opportunity to learn and make new and lasting friendships.  Sign up for a Birmingham calligraphy class if you like to create for yourself.  Deb is a traveler as well, so if you would like to organize a class in your city let's see how we can make it work!  

23rd Nov 2016

Invitation Design

      photo credit:  Alisha Crossley Photography Let’s talk about your one of a kind invitation!  Pricing starting at $325.      

23rd Nov 2016


      photo credit, Eric and Jamie Photography

23rd Nov 2016

calligraphy class

Upcoming Classes Beginning Copperplate II February 10, 10-2

23rd Oct 2012

custom addressing